My first solo trip (Part 2)

The bus stopped with a screetch at the Alappuzha bus stand. Among the crowd I walked towards the other bus stand to go to the beach.. After few minutes I got the bus and reached the beach within a short time.. The Alapuzha beach was as calm as I imagined with tiny beautiful waves with a hint of mischievous smile.. There was small yellow crabs that ran here and there playing along the waves.. I too ran to the waves feeling the cold water on my knees feeling more calm with each waves.. As I continued standing there,I noticed some gazes towards me. It was two couples who must be wondering what I was doing at the beach all alone.. At that moment I realised that it was the Valentines day!!!!! And of course I looked like an orphan in the middle of the calm see and the loving couples!!!!😛😛😛

Although I felt awkward a bit I continued enjoying the see and I remembered every moments spent with my family and the beach trips with them… Actually the sea took me back to my old times… To every lovely moments.. After sometimes I decided to leave from there as it was noon and I’m getting more hungry.. I ran to a coolbar nearby and had an Ice-cream to celebrate my first solo trip… Thus waiting for the bus towards Chenganassery after a memorable day, suddenly I heard the same song ‘Jiye toh Jiye’ somewhere around the bus stand which made my heart jump with joy… Yes it was difficult for me at first to make this trip.. But it gave me immense satisfaction that I gave myself a beautiful moment..😊😊😊… …#firstsolotrip #selflove #selfcare

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