Celebrating Valentines day as a single😁😁…

“Valentines day?????…. Its just like any regular day for singles including me 😁😁😁😁… Because as you all know… We don’t have any boyfriend or girlfriend to go for a date or buy gifts.. So usually most of the”singles” I know will just put the famous tamil song by Hiphop Tamizha “Single Pasange” as Watsapp, insta, Facebook and whatever status and take a deep sigh on that day..!!!! Yes…..there is no way out.. 😬😬😳😳

But… Wait.. Singles can actually rock better than the dwindling couples… My first solo trip on 2018 Valentines day proved me that.. 😁

As usual on the 2019 Valentines day I woke up with a puzzle… ‘OMG… What should I do??’, I sat up staring blankly at the fan in my hostel room thinking about the previous year when I enjoyed the day alone… So suddenly I decided to go on a “Self date”.. 😁

Soon I got ready and purposefully wore a red frock to fool everyone around me 😁😁.. The dog (his name is Charlie) of our neighbour grinned at me.. (I don’t know what it meant 😬😬).. I smiled back at Charlie and give a pat which most couples must have done to their pairs at that time.. πŸ˜‚.. I decided to have a Chicken Friedrice which is one of my favourite and went to the most beautiful restaurant in Chenganassery, ‘King of Barbecue’ …

Don’t forget to take that drink which gives you some energy.. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

As I sat down at a beautiful table there, the staff approached me and write down the dishes I ordered.. “Maam, are waiting for someone??”..He asked seeing my appearance…” No “, I replied with a foolish smile on my face… Actually I realised that everyone around there is looking at me…. 😳😳😳… Maybe they all were expecting that ‘someone’.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… So I began looking at my phone cruelly ignoring them all.. 😁😁

Soon my Chicken Friedrice along with paneer kofta arrived πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.. I began eating really relaxed…I closed my eyes, enjoyed the smell that we get when the hot basmati rice get mixed with that spicy sauce and chicken, I eat faster as I was hungry by that time, I smelled my tiny fingers which had that ‘Friedrice smell’ after I washed my hands.. 😁… Ofcourse, you cannot eat thus relaxed when you are on a date where we have no choice but to concentrate on our ‘partner’… 😁😁

Friedrice looking more yumm along with paneer kofta…

After the lunch, I went to the Cutiepie cake shop, where we get the most yumm cakes there… I ordered a red velvet cake and began eating the soft lumps of the cake slowly.. After paying the amount, I don’t know why.. They wished me ‘Happy valentines day’!!!!.. I smiled them back and walked towards my hostel… After reaching the hostel I opened my phone, and started watching the movie ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’…I don’t know if that’s the perfect movie for Valentines day.. But I choose to watch it… It became dark by that time and soon I engaged in a little chat with the other hostel mates followed by food and sleep.. 😁

The Red velvet cake was smiling at me @Cutiepie.. 😁😁

Yes… Its a bit confusing going on a self date on a valentines day.. But at the end of the day… It is worth it, as someone said… “All we have is a single life”… 😊😊❀️❀️

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