An Unforgettable experience (All about the Big temple, Thanjavore) – Part 1

It was my first journey outside kerala (my native place) without my mom (as I have my journeys outside kerala usually with my parents). I was a bit tensed when my aunt told me about a journey organised by our relative to Trichi and Thanjavore in Tamilnadu. I decided to go for it although I don’t know what happens…. Thus we started our journey on 10 August 2018 to Palakkad, as we will be starting our journey the next day from there..

I rushed from college in kottayam to my home in Thrissur to get ready. And after 12 noon, we (me,my aunt and her two children) reached Thrissur bus stand for getting the bus to Palakkad.. We waited for the bus for almost two hours.. Later after two hours of the hustle bustle bus journey, we reached Palakkad that evening.. We met few new friends there at our relative’s home and went straight to bed.. I think in my entire life that was one of rarest moments when we cousins slept together (me, my brother vishal and sister varsha) 😊😊

The next day morning 1am we started our journey from Palakkad by their tour bus… First day was spent at the Fossil fields at Ariyallur (Trichi) collecting some precious marine fossils… And after a tiring day we went to “Thyagaraja Samadhi” along the banks of Kaveri river at Thanjavore. Thyagaraja was one of the respected ‘Trinity of Carnatic music’ who contributed many to the field of music. The peaceful kaveri river made the evening more serene along with the ‘Samadhimandapam’and ‘Yendaro Mahanu Bhavulu’ which is the most famous song of Thyagaraja still admired by most of the Indians.. After spending some time there, we went to our hotel. We stayed at Tamilnadu Tourism motel there… As soon as I landed there I got the smell of Agarbathi which was one of my favourite smells. It gave me a spiritual feeling.. There was a garden with trees, a swing, a slide in the middle of the hotel which made me feel like a little child.. The evening orange sky made the garden look more beautiful.. We got the room keys and we rushed there to take rest and sleep.. Before jumping on to the bed the framed photo of Nataraja (Lord Shiva) on the wall of our room caught my attention.. The painting was so beautiful that it gave me a feeling that ‘all will come out great’.. 😊, I stared at it admiringly many times until my aunt switched off the lights to sleep.. I finally slept looking at one of the beautiful pictures in the world.!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Walking towards the fossil field at Trichi
One of the fossil fields at Trichi
Beautiful garden inside the Tamilnadu tourism motel
Marine fossils that we collected 😊😊
Backside of the garden in our hotel..
Thyagaraja samadhi and the kaveri river.
The picture of Lord Nataraja which gave me hope…

(to be continued…)

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