Temple with a riddle.. (At Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, Trichi)

The place we went straight soon after the visit to the Big temple (in previous post) was the Srirangam temple in Trichi. Throughout the way, I was thinking of the jasmine flowers hanged along the braided hairs of tamil girls wondering if they wear it every single day….

Along the way, we visited the Grant anicut (a dam) which presented us a beautiful view of the wild kaveri river along with different mouth-watering fruits and snacks (we managed to grab some Mirchi bhaji with its spicy hotness.. 😋) We then proceeded towards the Srirangam temple after a couple of minutes. After some time, we began seeing the first Gopura of the first enclosure of the temple. The bright colours of the wall make it easier for anyone to identify the Gopura even from a large distance.

The seven enclosures or Gates with Gopurams of the Srirangam temple…

Soon we started going into the enclosure…The first thing I saw was the statue of Lord Subhrahmanya at the top of the Gopuram.. The temple had seven concentric enclosures with courtyards. There are houses and shops inside the six enclosures and vehicles can pass through the enclosures. The temple is inside the seventh enclosure. The temple is claimed to have one of the biggest Gopurams in India.

The seventh Gopura just outside the temple..

We friends got down our bus and started walking towards the entrance of the temple. The entrance was too a Gopura with delicate architecture of various Gods and Goddesses. A small mandapam along with a small temple of Devi was the first structure I saw as I entered the temple. The Sri Ranganathaswamy temple in Trichi is the temple dedicated to Ranganatha, a reclining form of Lord Maha vishnu. The temple constructed in Dravidian architecture, has seven concentric enclosures with 21 Gopurams (tower gateway) when adding all the Gopurams in the enclosures with delicate and beautiful architecture which portrays the typical Tamilnadu temple.

Temples and mandapams inside the temple..

We had the freedom to go anywhere inside the temple and come back to the bus parked outside within half an hour. Thus we began splitting into small small groups… Our head were on the front with his wife and my aunt, another aunt with her two children walked at a small distance behind them, me and the rest of the kids all behind them. Soon I got splitted from our group as a friendly- looking uncle called me to show a statue. I began exploring with him various structures such as the Vellai Gopuram, Golden vimanam and 1000 pillar mandapam where he show me various statues which pointed to the ancient culture of India…. That’s where I realised that none of the members in my group was there.. 😬😬.. I thought that I got missed from the group and began running here and there along various places of the temple. Soon I found out my friends who also thought that they were missed out from the rest of the group..😂😂

One of the statues of a horse…
The vellai Gopuram.. 😊
The spot where I realised I got missed from the group.. 😁

We decided to ask others where were they and that’s when we realised that except the group of our head, the rest of the members got missed from the group and were trying to find their own way out from different parts of the temple.. 😂.. What happened was that we got splitted into various directions from the main part of the temple, thinking that’s the way out..!!!!

Soon we traced back the way to the entrance from where we entered into the temple to be out and it took one and a half hour instead of half of the hour for us to come out.. Ofcourse the temple has various small temples and halls which is almost like a small puzzle which makes us confuse and at the same time presents us a wide range of architectural beauty.. 😇.. Thus we ran to the bus hungrily for food… 😅

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