It’s not just a pond…. It’s a home!!!!!!

What’s the thing I like most about my small village Pazhookara, a small village between Mala and Chalakudy???… I have been thinking this for a while when memories take me back to my childhood. The Sunday visit to our Peroorkavu temple, playing with friends, observing the tiny turtles in the pond and resting under the banyan tree near the temple made me think about the lovely days back…

While I was thinking about it all, I realised my most childhood memories are associated with the temple pond and the banyan tree of the temple. Somewhere I believe these two spots are my favourite spiritual places in my village as being in those places made me relaxed and feel the blessing of God more… 😊.

The small greenish temple pond is still the favourite spot of many where kids sit on the steps and exchange fun, some may swim with friends and some just sit there enjoying the fresh air that comes from the paddy field opposite of it….. We friends too used to sit there, observing the tiny fishes and turtles. There was a rare fish called by “Gowraami” by us (we don’t know what exactly is its name 😁😁)… Whenever it sees us it comes to the surface immediately looking for some food. We usually have some special leaves for it which we throw into the pond, just to see the fish eating those leaves. It had big eyes and lips which always gave it a cute face… 😊. The tiny turtles and small snakes sometimes take a peep to the surface to see the visitors and then go back to their underwater routines.. The wind from the greenpaddyfield opposite has its own air supply along with the banyan tree… After sitting there sometime, we just bid goodbyes and slowly walk towards our homes through the mud paths that are the shortcuts from our homes to the temple which looked like a mini forest (now few houses along the path reduced the appearance of forest into just a group of trees).. Whenever I think about my village sitting in my hostel at Chenganassery, the first place that comes to my mind is the temple pond followed by banyan tree that makes me feel like a second home.. Yes, these places are something more than they are.. 😊❀️❀️.

The beautiful pond of Peroorkavu temple.. 😊

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