Why Little Things Matter…

“I have been most happier when I got my first job!!!. Now everything seems boring to me….”. I heard a man talking to his friend in our train compartment, as he is talking so loud…

In the entire world, there are people who find only happiness in the big events or big things that happened in their lives such as their first job, marriage, promotion, etc. As a result, they tend to find their lives boring and being unhappy with it. The conversation I heard on that day made me think about how happy I was during my life up to that particular moment. It took me back to my childhood days…

I can’t tell I had a happy childhood, as my most memories up to 4 years were associated with the hospital in our village as I used to get fever and cold frequently and my mom and grandparents rushed me to the hospital often. The doctor was a friendly smiling guy who gave the bitter-tasting medicine which was exactly opposite to his character. Later as I grew up, my routines changed from getting up lazily, not wanting to go to school, sitting lost in maths class, gossiping about our favorite places and actors with friends, waiting for the tasty food which my mom makes for me in the evening, etc. I was never happy with my school as I was weak in maths and the maths teacher usually complain about me to my mother always. I was also not good in sports that created some additional challenges. I was making myself adjust to the hustle-bustle school life and was never happy… 

As time passed, I completed my tenth grade and moved to my secondary school for my eleventh grade. As I started meeting my new friends on the first day, there came the lunch break. I saw a girl with smiling face, she is Serin. She excitedly told me that she had “Biriyani” for lunch. I saw a big smile on her face that we all get when we get a ‘Special Award’. I asked her what’s there in a Biriyani to become this happier for lunch. “It’s called..little, little happiness!!!!!” she replied with a big smile on her face… Her words touched my heart deeply, and I began thinking about my past school life. Yes, there were many things for me to be happy at that time, but I didn’t pay attention to it and considered it less important.

During that evening, her words took me back to my childhood. I realized that the beautiful smile of the doctor made me smile too. In my first school, there was a Sanskrit teacher whom I can’t wait to see each day and with whom I had some of the best moments. There was a security uncle who was friendly to all the students. The yoga classes were so relaxing. The dance competitions were festivals. There were some special moments with my friends. Despite all these little happy things I just waited for some big event to make me happy.

After that day, I began finding happier things that happened on each day of my life such as the smile of my school bus driver when I enter the bus, fun with my friends, lunch break, conversations with my teachers, etc. Surprisingly, it all began having a positive impact on my life. I discovered some new skills, I was happy most of the days, my relationships with teachers began taking on a positive side and it provided me the best two-year school life. It also bought more happiness in my home too.

As someone said in a movie, “If we only find happiness in monumental events in our life such as promotion, engagement, marriage etc., we may be happy only four or five times in our entire life!!”. Thus don’t be hesitant to find happiness in the little things…Let it be a delightful conversation with our family, small trips, a sweet smile from a stranger, tastier foods, a feel-good movie with an ice-cream, etc. Later, somewhere in our lives we eventually realize that these little sweet moments made our lives more meaningful. We will automatically find a smile on our faces thinking about those precious moments. Let’s grow more happier day by day…!! 🙂 🙂 :).

It’s not just a pond…. It’s a home!!!!!!

What’s the thing I like most about my small village Pazhookara, a small village between Mala and Chalakudy???… I have been thinking this for a while when memories take me back to my childhood. The Sunday visit to our Peroorkavu temple, playing with friends, observing the tiny turtles in the pond and resting under the banyan tree near the temple made me think about the lovely days back…

While I was thinking about it all, I realised my most childhood memories are associated with the temple pond and the banyan tree of the temple. Somewhere I believe these two spots are my favourite spiritual places in my village as being in those places made me relaxed and feel the blessing of God more… 😊.

The small greenish temple pond is still the favourite spot of many where kids sit on the steps and exchange fun, some may swim with friends and some just sit there enjoying the fresh air that comes from the paddy field opposite of it….. We friends too used to sit there, observing the tiny fishes and turtles. There was a rare fish called by “Gowraami” by us (we don’t know what exactly is its name 😁😁)… Whenever it sees us it comes to the surface immediately looking for some food. We usually have some special leaves for it which we throw into the pond, just to see the fish eating those leaves. It had big eyes and lips which always gave it a cute face… 😊. The tiny turtles and small snakes sometimes take a peep to the surface to see the visitors and then go back to their underwater routines.. The wind from the greenpaddyfield opposite has its own air supply along with the banyan tree… After sitting there sometime, we just bid goodbyes and slowly walk towards our homes through the mud paths that are the shortcuts from our homes to the temple which looked like a mini forest (now few houses along the path reduced the appearance of forest into just a group of trees).. Whenever I think about my village sitting in my hostel at Chenganassery, the first place that comes to my mind is the temple pond followed by banyan tree that makes me feel like a second home.. Yes, these places are something more than they are.. 😊❤️❤️.

The beautiful pond of Peroorkavu temple.. 😊

Temple with a riddle.. (At Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, Trichi)

The place we went straight soon after the visit to the Big temple (in previous post) was the Srirangam temple in Trichi. Throughout the way, I was thinking of the jasmine flowers hanged along the braided hairs of tamil girls wondering if they wear it every single day….

Along the way, we visited the Grant anicut (a dam) which presented us a beautiful view of the wild kaveri river along with different mouth-watering fruits and snacks (we managed to grab some Mirchi bhaji with its spicy hotness.. 😋) We then proceeded towards the Srirangam temple after a couple of minutes. After some time, we began seeing the first Gopura of the first enclosure of the temple. The bright colours of the wall make it easier for anyone to identify the Gopura even from a large distance.

The seven enclosures or Gates with Gopurams of the Srirangam temple…

Soon we started going into the enclosure…The first thing I saw was the statue of Lord Subhrahmanya at the top of the Gopuram.. The temple had seven concentric enclosures with courtyards. There are houses and shops inside the six enclosures and vehicles can pass through the enclosures. The temple is inside the seventh enclosure. The temple is claimed to have one of the biggest Gopurams in India.

The seventh Gopura just outside the temple..

We friends got down our bus and started walking towards the entrance of the temple. The entrance was too a Gopura with delicate architecture of various Gods and Goddesses. A small mandapam along with a small temple of Devi was the first structure I saw as I entered the temple. The Sri Ranganathaswamy temple in Trichi is the temple dedicated to Ranganatha, a reclining form of Lord Maha vishnu. The temple constructed in Dravidian architecture, has seven concentric enclosures with 21 Gopurams (tower gateway) when adding all the Gopurams in the enclosures with delicate and beautiful architecture which portrays the typical Tamilnadu temple.

Temples and mandapams inside the temple..

We had the freedom to go anywhere inside the temple and come back to the bus parked outside within half an hour. Thus we began splitting into small small groups… Our head were on the front with his wife and my aunt, another aunt with her two children walked at a small distance behind them, me and the rest of the kids all behind them. Soon I got splitted from our group as a friendly- looking uncle called me to show a statue. I began exploring with him various structures such as the Vellai Gopuram, Golden vimanam and 1000 pillar mandapam where he show me various statues which pointed to the ancient culture of India…. That’s where I realised that none of the members in my group was there.. 😬😬.. I thought that I got missed from the group and began running here and there along various places of the temple. Soon I found out my friends who also thought that they were missed out from the rest of the group..😂😂

One of the statues of a horse…
The vellai Gopuram.. 😊
The spot where I realised I got missed from the group.. 😁

We decided to ask others where were they and that’s when we realised that except the group of our head, the rest of the members got missed from the group and were trying to find their own way out from different parts of the temple.. 😂.. What happened was that we got splitted into various directions from the main part of the temple, thinking that’s the way out..!!!!

Soon we traced back the way to the entrance from where we entered into the temple to be out and it took one and a half hour instead of half of the hour for us to come out.. Ofcourse the temple has various small temples and halls which is almost like a small puzzle which makes us confuse and at the same time presents us a wide range of architectural beauty.. 😇.. Thus we ran to the bus hungrily for food… 😅

An Unforgettable experience (All about the Big temple, Thanjavore) – Part 2

#thanjavore #brihadiswaratemple

We had to go to the Big temple by 5 am the next day… The alarm gave a loud screech making us hard to open our heavy eyelids (as the sleep was not enough for us to regain our drained energy) We rushed ourselves to join the group.. We decided to walk towards the temple as it is near our hotel. The sky was still dark as it was 5 am. We walked through road which was slowly becoming busy. There was only a few vehicles there.. The newspaper and milkman passed faster along my side waving a smile at me.. The city had a different shade of beauty even in that silence 😊😊.

A slowly waking Thanjavore town..

The temple can be easily seen within couple of minutes as we took a U-turn.. By the time the sky began appearing orange in colour making the temple more beautiful. We reached the brick coloured temple gate which looked beautiful in the delicate architecture. I walked inside the temple courtyard with a huge amount of surprise and respect by it’s architecture and more than that by it’s spiritual atmosphere which made me more and more calm as I began exploring each and every structures 😇😇.

Big temple from outside..

The Big temple is one of the biggest temples in South India built in Dravidian architecture at Thanjavore dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also known as Dakshina Meru. The temple is a part of the UNESCO World heritage site built by Raja Raja Chola I. The 44 acres consists of the ‘Sri Vimana’ (the main inside part which consists of one of the biggest Shivalinga), the Nandimandapam (which has a statue of Nandi in black colour), the Mahamandapam and the Ardhamandapam. A beautiful verandha surrounded the main structures.

The Vimana (main structure) of the temple..
The Nandimandapam (view from the front of Vimana or main structure).

The head of the group told us we have enough freedom to go anywhere around the temple and explore ourselves 😊 (we had to reach a particular point at sharp 10 am). So I have time from 5.30 am to 10 am 😅😅. The morning rays of the sun reached the Vimana (the highest dome of the main structures). It made the the structure look more beautiful.. The orange sky, the light sunrays and the delicate architecture gave a good feast to my eyes 😊. I spend sometime admiring the beautiful atmosphere while others began splitting into different directions. After sometime I decided to go inside the Vimana of the temple. There was less space inside and the biggest Shivalinga appeared more bigger to me. The priest inside gave me some Vibhuti and I walked outside through the other door. I walked through the verandha for sometime observing various carved pictures, Latin and Sanskrit writings on the walls. A group of people chanted Tamil bhajans in a corner.. More people began entering the temple as the day became more brighter.. The temple soon turned out in a festive mood as another group of villagers entered with drums and dances. They danced gracefully on the Mahamandapam as I captured them dancing on my phone. Amidst all these noises a dog was still sleeping peacefully on the ground where the people had to cross him without disturbing him (I felt the dog is a male one 😁).

The other exit of the main temple
Vibhuti in my hands..
The Verandha..
The ancient writings…
Those beautiful corners..
The peacefully sleeping dog.

I saw some small small brick structures on one side of the temple.. Just as me make blocks with some playing bricks (I don’t know what it is for although I asked many ; maybe any belief!!).. Later me along with my sister tried to find miserably an ‘Ardhanari’ picture on the wall of the temple which we found on a magazine.. But later found out that the picture was taken from the Big temple in Gangaikonda cholapuram (there is another Big temple in Gangaikonda cholapuram). The temple has a coexistence of nature and man made beauty.. Yes there is a beautiful garden with different trees and a sacred ‘kaavu’ (a sacred groove worshiping Nagas) along with the traditional temple. By the time it was 10 am. We all gathered from various corners and the return journey seemed more difficult as I developed a great attachment with the temple. Somewhere in those structures I left a small piece of my soul there..!!! 😇😇

Small small brick structures.
The Ardhanari statue at the temple in Gangaikonda cholapuram (in the magazine).
The Nandimandapam
Me looking at the Sacred Naga kaavu.

An Unforgettable experience (All about the Big temple, Thanjavore) – Part 1

It was my first journey outside kerala (my native place) without my mom (as I have my journeys outside kerala usually with my parents). I was a bit tensed when my aunt told me about a journey organised by our relative to Trichi and Thanjavore in Tamilnadu. I decided to go for it although I don’t know what happens…. Thus we started our journey on 10 August 2018 to Palakkad, as we will be starting our journey the next day from there..

I rushed from college in kottayam to my home in Thrissur to get ready. And after 12 noon, we (me,my aunt and her two children) reached Thrissur bus stand for getting the bus to Palakkad.. We waited for the bus for almost two hours.. Later after two hours of the hustle bustle bus journey, we reached Palakkad that evening.. We met few new friends there at our relative’s home and went straight to bed.. I think in my entire life that was one of rarest moments when we cousins slept together (me, my brother vishal and sister varsha) 😊😊

The next day morning 1am we started our journey from Palakkad by their tour bus… First day was spent at the Fossil fields at Ariyallur (Trichi) collecting some precious marine fossils… And after a tiring day we went to “Thyagaraja Samadhi” along the banks of Kaveri river at Thanjavore. Thyagaraja was one of the respected ‘Trinity of Carnatic music’ who contributed many to the field of music. The peaceful kaveri river made the evening more serene along with the ‘Samadhimandapam’and ‘Yendaro Mahanu Bhavulu’ which is the most famous song of Thyagaraja still admired by most of the Indians.. After spending some time there, we went to our hotel. We stayed at Tamilnadu Tourism motel there… As soon as I landed there I got the smell of Agarbathi which was one of my favourite smells. It gave me a spiritual feeling.. There was a garden with trees, a swing, a slide in the middle of the hotel which made me feel like a little child.. The evening orange sky made the garden look more beautiful.. We got the room keys and we rushed there to take rest and sleep.. Before jumping on to the bed the framed photo of Nataraja (Lord Shiva) on the wall of our room caught my attention.. The painting was so beautiful that it gave me a feeling that ‘all will come out great’.. 😊, I stared at it admiringly many times until my aunt switched off the lights to sleep.. I finally slept looking at one of the beautiful pictures in the world.!! 😇😇

Walking towards the fossil field at Trichi
One of the fossil fields at Trichi
Beautiful garden inside the Tamilnadu tourism motel
Marine fossils that we collected 😊😊
Backside of the garden in our hotel..
Thyagaraja samadhi and the kaveri river.
The picture of Lord Nataraja which gave me hope…

(to be continued…)

How I met my college!!!!

As I sit inside my favourite hostel room wishing this moment never ends… Thinking about all the good times I had here… Yes… Now my final exams are finishing marking a small end of my graduation… And the end of my hostel life in Chenganassery… Ofcourse.. I’m writing this just now without a second thought… Because it breaks my heart of the thought that I will soon be leaving my hostel… Memories and the nostalgic feelings are more powerful than I thought..!!!

I had never expected in my life that I will be coming to a place which is far from my home in Thrissur and stay in a hostel during my graduation…. (ofcourse I expected that for my PG course only!!!!😬😬).. What should I tell??… That God has a more funnier plan for my college life… I don’t know what’s more in store..!! 😁.. PS : As I started watching “Mahabharat” on DoorDarshan, I can imagine God laughing at me just like the krishna laugh at Kaurava (I can clearly imagine that “Niteesh Bharadwaj”(krishna) smile on the face of every God at me!! 😳😁)

After my plus two results like every other CBSE kids.. Me and my mom ran to the Internet Cafe… (CBSE results always came late than the state school results.. 😐😳)… As I had managed to score a decent result.. I just thought that it will easier for me to get admission in Psychology at any college..!! 😂😂 (foolish thought.. Isn’t?? 😬😬😁)

And……To my so called ‘confidence’, I applied only two colleges for psychology mainly!!! (ofcourse.. My dears that’s not enough!!! Apply more colleges as you can… Otherwise I don’t have to explain what will happen.. 😁😂) ..But somewhere I noticed kristu in the box of MG University.. (I didn’t read the full name at that moment.. 😳😳).. Without reading the full name of that college.. I guessed.. I only guessed that it must be ‘Kristu Jayanti College’ in Ernakulam as there is Kristu Jayanti school in Ernakulam (To everyone’s attention : there is no ‘Kristu Jayanti college’ in Ernakulam till now 😂😂)… So I applied for Psychology there.. Reason : ‘Just for fun!!!’

Soon the allotment results came… I confidently opened my computer and checked my college… And Ofcourse… I didn’t got admission in both the two institutes!!!!.. But there was this ‘Kristu Jyoti College, Chenganassery’, in which I got admission.. 😳😳.. Ofcourse only at that time I realised… To be specific.. Only at that time ‘I read the name of the college and the place!!!!!!’ 😳😳😁😂😂… The college is not Kristu Jayanti and the place is not Ernakulam (where I always wanted to stay and enjoy my college life)…. The place Chenganassery is unknown both for me and my family which was away from my home than Ernakulam!!!!

You can well imagine what happened after that.. 😁😁😂… Ofcourse my family scolded me as do every family, and they tried whether there is anyone they knew to know about my ‘to be new college’… Atlast, my family found a sweet uncle (I will miss their love and home food.. 🙁😊) and came Chenganassery… And I saw my first college 😁😂😂(PS : the college is strict!!!)…. And I joined the next day itself there as already the classes started by the time.. 😬😁😂… And that’s how I met my first college….. The place which gave some good moments to cherish in my entire life although strict!!! ❤️❤️

My favourite spot.. ❤️❤️

Celebrating Valentines day as a single😁😁…

“Valentines day?????…. Its just like any regular day for singles including me 😁😁😁😁… Because as you all know… We don’t have any boyfriend or girlfriend to go for a date or buy gifts.. So usually most of the”singles” I know will just put the famous tamil song by Hiphop Tamizha “Single Pasange” as Watsapp, insta, Facebook and whatever status and take a deep sigh on that day..!!!! Yes…..there is no way out.. 😬😬😳😳

But… Wait.. Singles can actually rock better than the dwindling couples… My first solo trip on 2018 Valentines day proved me that.. 😁

As usual on the 2019 Valentines day I woke up with a puzzle… ‘OMG… What should I do??’, I sat up staring blankly at the fan in my hostel room thinking about the previous year when I enjoyed the day alone… So suddenly I decided to go on a “Self date”.. 😁

Soon I got ready and purposefully wore a red frock to fool everyone around me 😁😁.. The dog (his name is Charlie) of our neighbour grinned at me.. (I don’t know what it meant 😬😬).. I smiled back at Charlie and give a pat which most couples must have done to their pairs at that time.. 😂.. I decided to have a Chicken Friedrice which is one of my favourite and went to the most beautiful restaurant in Chenganassery, ‘King of Barbecue’ …

Don’t forget to take that drink which gives you some energy.. 😅😅

As I sat down at a beautiful table there, the staff approached me and write down the dishes I ordered.. “Maam, are waiting for someone??”..He asked seeing my appearance…” No “, I replied with a foolish smile on my face… Actually I realised that everyone around there is looking at me…. 😳😳😳… Maybe they all were expecting that ‘someone’.. 😂😂… So I began looking at my phone cruelly ignoring them all.. 😁😁

Soon my Chicken Friedrice along with paneer kofta arrived 😋😋.. I began eating really relaxed…I closed my eyes, enjoyed the smell that we get when the hot basmati rice get mixed with that spicy sauce and chicken, I eat faster as I was hungry by that time, I smelled my tiny fingers which had that ‘Friedrice smell’ after I washed my hands.. 😁… Ofcourse, you cannot eat thus relaxed when you are on a date where we have no choice but to concentrate on our ‘partner’… 😁😁

Friedrice looking more yumm along with paneer kofta…

After the lunch, I went to the Cutiepie cake shop, where we get the most yumm cakes there… I ordered a red velvet cake and began eating the soft lumps of the cake slowly.. After paying the amount, I don’t know why.. They wished me ‘Happy valentines day’!!!!.. I smiled them back and walked towards my hostel… After reaching the hostel I opened my phone, and started watching the movie ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’…I don’t know if that’s the perfect movie for Valentines day.. But I choose to watch it… It became dark by that time and soon I engaged in a little chat with the other hostel mates followed by food and sleep.. 😁

The Red velvet cake was smiling at me @Cutiepie.. 😁😁

Yes… Its a bit confusing going on a self date on a valentines day.. But at the end of the day… It is worth it, as someone said… “All we have is a single life”… 😊😊❤️❤️

Looking at the Venice of the East (The places I loved most in the Alapuzha town)

In my previous story of my solo trip, I wrote about my experience at the Alapuzha beach.. Now I wanted to tell you about some beautiful places I travelled near Alapuzha town being a college student in Chenganassery….

We all know that kerala is famous for its various beautiful beaches and backwaters.. And Alapuzha is the most famous interms of it!!!.. Its been a tourist attraction for years and still it has the calm beauty of green paddy fields, beaches and backwaters.

Alapuzha houseboats.. Alapuzha is the most famous for its various beautiful houseboats which make us realise the inner beauty of the place.. There are many locations for the houseboats. The first time I went to a houseboat trip was with my family… We choose a big boathouse near Mullakkal, which takes us a ride through the punnamada river … The lake seemed greenish colour when I looked more deep into it.. Rows of coconut trees on both sides of the river made the view more beautiful… At one spot, we saw a beautiful paddy field in the middle of two rivers.. It seemed that the villagers are expert in the cultivation in those wetlands.. We had a delicious lunch with fresh fishcurry (which the boat staffs catch from the river).. We also had a good day with games, laughs and lots of love.. 😊😊😊

The beautiful Punnamada lake from our boathouse…

Alapuzha beach Alapuzha beach is one of my most travelled spot there where I started my first solo trip!!!.. It has a calm atmosphere and a lighthouse can be seen few distance away from it.. There are old poles through the sea which makes it different.. The place is a hub for many festivals and celebrations…

A beautiful sunset at Alapuzha beach..

AC Road (Alapuzha Chenganassery Road) Friend 1: Guys.. Let’s go out somewhere.. Others : Let’s go AC Road…. Yaay!!!!!! Yes….. For most of the students in Chenganassery.. The beautiful AC Road is the nearest recreation hub!!!!.. Of course its because the road is beautiful with paddy fields, canals and some kickass tea shops on both sides of the road… Its the road connecting Chenganassery and Alapuzha, and I love to travel through the road as the green beautiful paddy fields relaxes my mind…Also who doesn’t loves taking a sip of lemonade accompanied with the fresh air and a view of greenary…!!!! 😅😅

Beautiful AC Road

Marari beach Marari beach is slightly different from other beaches as I felt an energic vibe there… It has some shops with lemonades, fruits and toys.. And the beach is more colourful than calm… It has seats for resting and enjoying the playful sea.. Me and my friends had the most funmaking here on a beautiful evening…

Me enjoying the sunset at marari beach.. 😊

At last there are other beautiful and famous places such as Kainakary, Mullakkal temple, Arthungal church etc… Although I haven’t been to these places, they look more beautiful in my imagination!!!!! ❤️❤️

My first solo trip (Part 2)

The bus stopped with a screetch at the Alappuzha bus stand. Among the crowd I walked towards the other bus stand to go to the beach.. After few minutes I got the bus and reached the beach within a short time.. The Alapuzha beach was as calm as I imagined with tiny beautiful waves with a hint of mischievous smile.. There was small yellow crabs that ran here and there playing along the waves.. I too ran to the waves feeling the cold water on my knees feeling more calm with each waves.. As I continued standing there,I noticed some gazes towards me. It was two couples who must be wondering what I was doing at the beach all alone.. At that moment I realised that it was the Valentines day!!!!! And of course I looked like an orphan in the middle of the calm see and the loving couples!!!!😛😛😛

Although I felt awkward a bit I continued enjoying the see and I remembered every moments spent with my family and the beach trips with them… Actually the sea took me back to my old times… To every lovely moments.. After sometimes I decided to leave from there as it was noon and I’m getting more hungry.. I ran to a coolbar nearby and had an Ice-cream to celebrate my first solo trip… Thus waiting for the bus towards Chenganassery after a memorable day, suddenly I heard the same song ‘Jiye toh Jiye’ somewhere around the bus stand which made my heart jump with joy… Yes it was difficult for me at first to make this trip.. But it gave me immense satisfaction that I gave myself a beautiful moment..😊😊😊… …#firstsolotrip #selflove #selfcare

My first solo trip (Part 1)

‘When I grow up… I will definitely travel around the world…’ Like every child I kept telling this to my parents as a tiny tot.. And I kept thinking about that for many years in my life.. Thus after the school days.. I began my college in 2017 at Kristu Jyoti yoti college, Chenganassery, a small town in Kottayam district of Kerala… I had to stay in a homestay as my college is far from my home in Thrissur.

At first it was difficult for me to adjust to the hustle bustle life.. But later everything got perfectly settled I began thinking about the solo trip and the place which I will be going for my special day with me!!!!!.. And at last we got a “surprise holiday”… I must tell that holidays are rarer for a private college 😑😑😑… So I looked for many places and at last decided to go to the famous Alapuzha… A place famous for its backwaters and a tourist attraction, as Lord Curzon described it as “Venice of the East”.

On February 14 th… I woke up early and decided to go to the Alappuzha beach which is the famous beach there.. I decided to go there because a friend promised to take me there and at last minute she dropped the plan.. 😳😳.. Yes.. It was more of a revenge trip.. 😂😂.. I sat on the bus after 10 pm and the bus moved slowly through the busy roads…. After ten minutes, the bus turned to the AC Road which is famous for the beauty of Chenganassery and Alapuzha… Small streaks of beaches and canals began to appear gracefully along the sides which calmed the minds… I began getting the smell of the sea and the soil as I relaxed on my seat.. There was a teenage girl who sat near my side playing “Jiye toh Jiye kaise..” on her mobile… Thus I sat there looking out of the window.. Enjoying the beauty of the paddy fields and ‘Jiye toh Jiye’ playing on my mind…

To be continued…